it’s time to FOCUS ON our needs


Homelessness is an epidemic and we are all suffering. I would like to work with Churches, Temples, Synagogues and other local institutions to create outreach and address this crisis. No one is above those living on the streets, these are our fellow humans, neighbors and loved ones. It is our civic duty to at least help those willing to accept it. While it may not completely rid the streets of this epidemic, it will be a massive step forward in restoring the safety and cleanliness of our district. By the grace of community we can begin this process instead of waiting for the politicians.


Education directly correlates to the job market. We are living in a global economy and the only way to remain competitive is to better educate our children. We need to encourage the next generation of coders, inventors and entrepreneurs. At the same time we need to continue to teach trade skills that are essential to maintaining the future of our countries infrastructure. The “Imagination Initiative” will focus on connecting like minded organizations to create new educational programs centered around a blend of art, trade skills and new technology.


The VA wastes billions of dollars annually by not seeking competitive bids for medical supplies and materials. There is no reason why Veterans can’t get the care they need and deserve. Homelessness plagues hundreds of thousand of Veterans who are left to survive without proper care. We must correct this injustice and ensure that we treat our veterans with the necessary care and dignity they so rightfully deserve.


As a small business owner, I have been exposed first hand to a stagnate system that is designed to thwart our own American dream, not help us build it. I will work with you to provide better opportunities for local business, entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.